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O where O where have the parents gone. O where O where can they be?!!!

Someone brought me into this world, but where are they now?

Someone brought me into this world, but where are they now?

Hearing about the death of a youth, abuse of a youth, of youth killing youth is normal in todays society.  Our current events are constantly flooded with stories of youths being killed by stray bullets, youths killing their peers and others around them, youths being abused and so on.

Even though these stories are normal and common to hear and read about, there not acceptable!

We have gone from “Feed the children” to “Save the children”.  We aren’t just worried about the children of the world who are hungry anymore, we are worried about the safety of our children for other children.  It use to be pedophiles, child abusers and abductors, but now, the peers of our children are also on this list.

There was a point in time when television was the blame for our “Bad apples”!  How can television be the blame, a television set can’t give birth to a child.  I don’t think television should be used as an excuse any more.  We are way past that.

You let me watch it.

You let me watch it.

When 13 and 14 year olds were kings, there wasn’t t.v.  The parents taught the children how to interpret life.  Better yet, the community taught their children how to interpret life.

Instead of a community raising the children, the community has to deal with the children.  There are parents who don’t acknowledge their responsibilities.  They release their offspring into the world for the community to deal with, like a dam collapsing and releasing a flood onto a town.

With technology contributing to almost every aspect of life, we have forgotten a very important fact.  We have forgotten that, it’s the children that will run this country in the future.  It’s the children that will be taking care of us in the future.  Not micro chips, or medicine, but the children.


Should the government have any say in how a parent(s) raise their child?

Yes, to a certain extent!  The government should be a back-up or support system for parents.  I expect the government to step in when a child’s rights are violated, or when a child safety is in question.  The government should set aside funding for youth programs, homes, food, and education.  But thats it.  The government should have to provide assistance (various types), and the necessary materials needed to raise a productive child.  When I say government, this includes State /Town officials and representatives.    The government is suppose to be working for a better future, well our children are the future!!!

Growing up to be our future leaders

Growing up to be our future leaders

Current events within the last 2 weeks as of 10.7.09

R.I.P. Derrion Albert (Illinois 09) Read original story @ ABCnews.com

Teen home invasion. ( New Hampshire 09) Read original story @ Cnn.com

3 Teens inmates stab and hold guards hostage.(Indiana 09) Read original story @ Foxnews.com

Our kids are OUT OF CONTROL!  Its right in our face, we can’t deny it anymore.  Like i said, we see is in the news all the time, almost on a daily basis.

I think that the problem starts at home, and the solution can be found within the home.  If all the homes protected, loved and nurtured their children, then thats a community.  A community that will protect, love and nurture their children.  It’s back to the basics.  Basics, that we know works.

Is it to late?  No, not yet?  I would like to say flat out No. But the truth of the matter is, is that if nothing is done to stop this “Black Hole”, that the children are falling into to, then parenting will be redefined!!!  The Center of Disease Control says that 1/3rd. of females get pregnant before the age of 20. Guttmacher Institute reported that  in 2006 almost 750,000 females between the ages of 15-20 became pregnant.  In 2007 the rate went up according to the CDC.

Kids are raising kids.  Not only does that statement sound wrong, but its is wrong.

High School and Day Care all in one building

High School and Day Care all in one building

With more teen becoming parents, there should be a parenting class in school.  The fact is that pre-teens and teen are having sex.  Just like there are drug prevention classes and sex education classes, there should be parenting classes.  We can only handle one problem at a time, and until the broken down homes and families are repaired, we should stop the cycle with the developing homes and families.  Give them the help and tools they need.

——–SIDE BAR—— I don’t agree with pre-teen and teen sex at all.. There should be more laws against it in every state!!!!———

Isnt this common knowledge?!

Isn't this common knowledge?!


Can you be a parent and a friend?  Some say you can and some say you can’t.  As far a I’m concerned, you should be a parent first!!!!  There is no need to be afraid of your kids.

Some states have “Parental Accountability” laws.  I think all states should have these laws.  Just as we are responsible for our property and actions, so should be responsible for our children. There will always be “Bad Apples”, and those are excusable situations that the government should step in, but for the other delinquents, the parent should be held responsible along with their children.  It has to stop somewhere.

How can you help?

There are many Charity organization that help kids.  There are organization that support finding cures to fight diseases that effect children, fighting against child abuse, support of foster children and orphans, school programs and so on.  Give a donation,even a little bit can help.

Support your local school programs and community after school programs.  If there aren’t any programs in your area, get some parents together and try to start one.  Contact your mayor or state officials and demand one.

I’m not a hypocrite, and therefore I practice what I preach.  I donate to UNICEF a couple of times a year. I have just submitted my application to be a Child Advocate for the State of Connecticut, and I am in the process of starting a non-profit charity group to support children in need.


Happy homes = Happy children

Happy homes = Happy children

Its all about building a better future….