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The new Era of Infidelity

What will you lay on the line?

What will you lay on the line?

"But I never meet them!"


divorce papers

All over a text message?

Before the Post office, and the telephone , being unfaithful consisted  of a sexual act  performed with someone other than your “spouse”.   Affairs were physical and local, sometimes in the same house.   Mostly likely the person being cheated on knew  the “other person”  Long distance relationships were few and not too common due to communication limits.
QUICK HISTORY LESSON:man unfaithful cartoon
I did some research and to my surprise the first recorded legal divorce was in 1643.  The divorce was granted to Anne Clarke  because her husband abandonded her for his girlfriend, whom he had 2 children with.  Mr. Denis Clarek refused to go home to his wife to raise and support  his family which consisted of two children also.  Anne Clarke was granted the divorce only because Denis refused to go home.  I believe that if he would have returned home, there would not have been a divorce. Read original story @ History.com
Anne Clarke’s case is and example of what I call “Cut and dry infedility”.  There is nothing to find out, or try to prove.  No investigating to be done. (Ladies you know what I’m talking about)
Now less fast forward to present day.  We don’t need a horse and a saddle to send someone a message anymore. There are so many options to get a message to someone.  Post office is considered “old school”, faxing is unnecessary, and even speaking with the person is secondary.
The ability to communicate with one another has lead to the “Network sites” era.  Myspace and Facebook are just two of the many.  Not only can we keep in contact with our friends and family, we also can contact people from our past.  People that we have lead some type of relationship with.  The door is also open to new people, possibly for the future relations, or just for a “memory” hint hint.
If you or your “spouse” are just exchanging emails or messages back and forth to someone other than each other, and messages that are sexually explicit (fantasy or memory), is that considered being unfaithful?
—-Messages include pictures, recordings, all of it!.—–
Before you answer this question, remember,  just messages,and no physical contact.  Think of some of the past loves or flings you have had, and what you would like to do if you had the chance.  Don’t just answer this question based on you being the person cheated on.  What would be your excuse if you got caught?  Would the first words out your mouth be?  “I never meet with them, I know them from back in the day – way before your time.”
A couple of weeks ago I took a poll on Twitter.  I asked if sexual explicit emails  to someone else other than your spouse was considered and unfaithful act?  Aside from the guys you asked about a possible “episode”, the majority of the responses were, yes its an unfaithful act.
So, can email messages and text messages be used as evidence and reasoning for a divorce?  Is it really about Unfaithfulness, or about feeling disrespected and hurt? If its emotional, shouldn’t the solution be with a counselor, not with the court?


I’m the type of person who likes to “dead” things before they start or even point in the Left direction. (lol had to laugh at that one.)  Therefore, a sexually explicit message would ring some bells.  To me, it’s a warning sign.  I have the option to put it on “front street”, ignore it, or leave!  I believe in chances, so I would put in on “front street”.  ( This blog is called Blastoff101 for a reason!)  After “front street”, its “test me if you want too!”  There is nothing else after that.  Anything you do consistently is a part of who your are, and I can’t change that.
FYI, or just in case you forgot, You, yes you, can not change a person, they have to want to change for themselves.  You can only help!
So, think about it, what will you lay on the line for a text message?
What type of messages have you already sent?
sex text message

To text or not to text....That is the question?