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Yesterday it was fists of fiery. Today its an Ax, knives and Molotov Cocktails

One Teacher and 8 students wounded at High School in Germany

This shouldnt have happened!

This shouldn't have happened!

The Associated Press reported today that 8 students and 1 teacher wounded at a German High School.

The 12th grader entered the school armed with knives, Molotov cocktails and an Ax.  His rampage took place on the 3rd of the 4 floor school.

He lit a cocktail and threw it into a class of 11th. graders. The cocktail hit a girl in the head and burned other students the authorities said. He threw another cocktail in a class of ninth-graders, but thankfully it didn’t ignite.  He used the Ax on a female student and caused serious injury to her skull saik Udo Dreher, the top police officer at the scene.

11 minutes after the police were alerted to the situation,  they confronted the attacker at the school.  The teenager approached the officers and in return they opened fire.  The student was shot 5 times in the upper body.  He remains in critical condition officials said. See original article

Six months earlier a teenaged gunman entered a high school in southwestern Germany and killed 9 students and 3 teachers.  After the gunman finished at the school, he then went downtown and shot 2 pedestrians, killing one and wounding the other. See original article

Before Columbine, news reports like this were rare.  It saddens me to see the youth of not only this country but world resort to this extreme to prove a point.

These incidents can no longer be connected to bullying.  It’s more than that! It begins at home.

I have said time and time again, that parents should be parents.  Providing food and a roof do not make you a parent.  Buying and giving you child what every they want, doesn’t make you a parent.

A parent is suppose to groom their child so they can make it out in the world on their own.  Teach the children about moral respect for others and their selves. A parent should influence their children positively. Influence them to be somebody when they grow up, or to make the right choices.

This goes to all parents.  Even if you’re a kid raising a kid.