Chocolate, Woman and Sex a perfect combination

Chocolate turns me on

Chocolate turns me on

Hmmm Chocolate.  I myself, love chocolate, and so do many other women.    Chocolate, the sweet sensual aphrodisiac.

Do you know what is in chocolate that makes women want to get  there freak on?  Write this down fellas!!!

Chocolate contains Phenylethylamine (PEA).  A hormone that occurs naturally in the human brain.  This hormone contributes to the feeling of excitement, attraction, and happiness.  Without chocolate PEA reaches is peak levels during orgasm.  When you add chocolate into the mix you are boosting the hormone level.  The boosted level of PEA increases dopamine levels, and causes extra sensitivity at the pleasure centers.

Next on the list is Tryptophan.  This is the hormone that we associate with Thanksgiving.  Its the hormone that puts us to sleep after stuffing ourselves.  The brain uses this hormone to make Serotonin.  Serotonin is similar to Ecstasy and therefor can give us the feeling of euphoria.  (At a lower intensity of course!!)

Last on the list is Anandamide.  Anandamide which means “internal bliss” combines with other receptors in the brain and causes the effect of heightened sensitivity, utopia, and a sense of well-being.

There you have it boys.  The real insight on a women’s chocolate crave.

A study was funded by an university (for academic purpose) that reported women who consume chocolate daily have a higher degree of sexual satisfaction.  The study also revealed that woman who had a lower libido reported an increase in their sex drive after consuming chocolate.

See original article

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Sweet hormone boost

Sweet hormone boost


Yesterday it was fists of fiery. Today its an Ax, knives and Molotov Cocktails

One Teacher and 8 students wounded at High School in Germany

This shouldnt have happened!

This shouldn't have happened!

The Associated Press reported today that 8 students and 1 teacher wounded at a German High School.

The 12th grader entered the school armed with knives, Molotov cocktails and an Ax.  His rampage took place on the 3rd of the 4 floor school.

He lit a cocktail and threw it into a class of 11th. graders. The cocktail hit a girl in the head and burned other students the authorities said. He threw another cocktail in a class of ninth-graders, but thankfully it didn’t ignite.  He used the Ax on a female student and caused serious injury to her skull saik Udo Dreher, the top police officer at the scene.

11 minutes after the police were alerted to the situation,  they confronted the attacker at the school.  The teenager approached the officers and in return they opened fire.  The student was shot 5 times in the upper body.  He remains in critical condition officials said. See original article

Six months earlier a teenaged gunman entered a high school in southwestern Germany and killed 9 students and 3 teachers.  After the gunman finished at the school, he then went downtown and shot 2 pedestrians, killing one and wounding the other. See original article

Before Columbine, news reports like this were rare.  It saddens me to see the youth of not only this country but world resort to this extreme to prove a point.

These incidents can no longer be connected to bullying.  It’s more than that! It begins at home.

I have said time and time again, that parents should be parents.  Providing food and a roof do not make you a parent.  Buying and giving you child what every they want, doesn’t make you a parent.

A parent is suppose to groom their child so they can make it out in the world on their own.  Teach the children about moral respect for others and their selves. A parent should influence their children positively. Influence them to be somebody when they grow up, or to make the right choices.

This goes to all parents.  Even if you’re a kid raising a kid.

How do you catch on fire during surgery. This isn’t a riddle either

This is not a special effect

This is not a special effect

Fox news reported that an attorney has been retained by the family of  a 65 year old woman who was accidentally set ablaze during surgery. See original article.

Janice McCall had surgery September 2nd and died 6 days later.  What type of surgery she was having is currently unknown to the press due to Patient Confidentiality Laws.

We here about accidents like this too often.  We go the hospital for help, not to have our last rights read to us.

Yes, a doctor practices medicine.  But at the same time, to become a doctor you have to go through school.  There for, they are suppose to have some type of clue what they are doing.

Doctors should be celebrities because they save lives. But with some many malpractice law suites, and accidental death records surfacing year after year, who do you turn to when you need medical attention?

More and more people are choosing alternative medicine over prescribed medication.

What are people to do.  Do you let the aliment kill you, go to a doctor and risk injury, mis-diagnois,  or possible surgery malfunctions?  Do you take and chance and use alternative medicine?

This is a debate that i think is leaning more and more toward Alternative medicine.

On another note, who is to blame for the “mistakes”?  Do we blame the doctors, because they are still practicing medicine? What about the hospitals, they employ the doctors and screen them using their system.  There standards and qualifications!

Prime example of a Doctor and his questionable practices is Dr. Conrad Murray.

Ill do what ever you pay me to do.

I'll do what ever you pay me to do.

The L.A. District Attorney’s office sought a Grand Jury to indict Dr. Murray.  Dr. Murry has been accused of Michael Jackson death.

See original article

When you are a doctor, do you do what your patient wants, or what is best for them?  Or do you just do you job?

Bully on the Bus and no Bus driver

Wheres Waldo, Wheres the Bus driver

Wheres Waldo, Wheres the Bus driver

Fox news reported this incident on their website.Fox news

Parents what are you going to do about your children?

This is ridiculous.  Sadly enough, I’m not surprised.  The youth today is so out of hand.  Parents are letting television and networking sites raise the kids of today.  The youth of today has no respect for others or themselves and it’s sad.

If i was the parent of the bully, I would first whip the kids ass. Point blank.  Call it what you want to.  Then i would attack the Bus company for having the wrong “so called” protocol.  I can’t believe that the bus driver didn’t do anything.

To add salt to the wound, the Bus company says the bus driver did the right thing.  How can that be?  When children get on the school but after being dismissed from school, aren’t the kids the responsibility of the Bus Drivers until they get dropped off?  If not, then who?

To the parents of the boy that was assaulted, I hope he recovers from this incident soon.  My opinion is that you should take action against the Bus Company and make sure the school enforces the punishment for the assailant or assailants.

Did he just let the cat out of the bag?

Yeah, I said it. 'Based on Racism'

Yeah, I said it. 'Based on Racism'

Al Sharpton didn’t say it, Jessie Jackson didn’t say it, but Former President  J.Carter did.

Yesterday former president Jimmy Carter said that Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst during President Obama’s speech was “based on racism”  Mr. Carter made this remark to an audience at the presidential center in ATL Georgia. See original article

Former president J. Carter also said, “Those kinds of thngs are not just casual outcomes of a sincere debate on whether we should have a national program on health care. It’s deeper than that”

Like I said the cat is out of the bag now.  The remarks made by Rep. Joe Wilson after the incident makes it easier to agree with the former president.

According to Rep. Joe Wilson, he apologized at the request of the White House and thats all that needed.

Well, Mr. Rep. Joe Wilson, its obvious that if the White House had not requested your apology you wouldn’t have given one. In other words, you had no intentions of righting your wrong, because as far as your concerned, you did nothing wrong.  You don’t want to apologize again, or correctly because you didn’t mean it then, and feel an apology isn’t necessary.

How do you like your celebrity status now?

Yes, Rep. Joe Wilson should give a formal acceptable apology.  He not only disrespected our President be he disrespected the citizens of the United State.  Rep. Joe Wilson  was put in his position by the people, and therefore owes an apology to the people who put him there.

We all have opinions and a right to disagree with one other.  But is the way we present ourselves and views that gives our opinion effect.

I personally don’t think that Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst was a mistake.  He expressed his true feeling about a lot with the one statement.  He knew what he was doing, what he didn’t expect was the outcome.  The outcome he was looking for was a parade in the streets, but instead he trashed his reputation.

As far as I”m concerned, he shouldn’t represent our nation in any way what so ever.

Yes, I know i was wrong and I’m sorry

Damn, I F***ed up this time for real

Damn, I F***ed up this time for real

Like so many others I watched the VMAs on Sunday.  And yes my mouth dropped when Mr. Ye took the mic away from Taylor Swift to express his opinion.

Big ups to Beyonce for being a professional,classy, and have basic moral respect for people.  You go girl!!

Kanye was wrong in on so many levels.  I was so pissed off at him Sunday night. I wanted throw dirt all over his name a reputation.  Fortunately Kanye has a conscience and apologized on the Leno night show.

Which I believed.  He made a mistake, and this time I believe his apology is sincere. Yes he has done this in the past. But i don’t think he realized how horrible it made him look.

Like i said he made a mistake. A mistake which is defined as error (Wikipedia)  Something we are all guilty of doing.

—-Reader’s I’m not going to let him off that easily———

A real man, would have apologized as soon as he knew he was wrong.  A real man, can and will swallow his pride when he is in the wrong.  During the interview, Leno asked Kanye when did he realize what he did was wrong?  Kanye says, as soon as i gave her the mic and she didn’t say anything.  Well, why didn’t you say sorry then.  What was the problem with swallowing your pride when MTV asked to you apologize.

Kanye said he was going to get some help.  I really hope he does.  It has been apparent for a long time that Kanye has a problem expressing emotions.  Regardless if his feelings are justified or not.  I question some of the people you keeps around him.  Why hasn’t anyone from his camp, team, entourage, the people closest to him, help him get help.

How many people have called Kanye crazy?  How many times have you called him crazy?

What I don’t agree with are the responses and comments being made about Kanye as a person.  WTF.  Somebody please explain to me why he is being called names, remarks being made about his mother and upbringing.  You people aka haters have some nerve.  He did not call Taylor any type of name or did he wish anything bad on her.  But you haters are doing so and all the above.

I even heard some crap said about his career being over.  Are you F***en crazy.  Be serious.  Regardless of his “Public Personality” he is a talented man.  Way more talented then KELLY CLARKSON AND PINK. ( I am a fan of both) And who in the hell is Perz Hilton. Mr. Instead of going to the Police Station when he was “Attachek” he blogged about it.  FYI Perz, your not fooling everyone.  You are sorry and people know it!!!!

PINK, I have always been a fan of yours, since your first album. ut you need to close your “sideways” mouth. Miss, I have a problem with women artist who are almost or all nude in video’s, but I can do it because………(I’ll wait for Pink to fill in the blank)

BELIEVE IN 2ND. CHANCES, ITS THE 3RD. 4TH. 5TH. AND 6TH. THAT YOU SHOULD QUESTION                                                                                                                                                                                      Smd0213