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Its been over 30 years and he never went to jail, should he go to jail now?

Damn, I should have stayed home!!!!

Damn, I should have stayed home!!!!

Roman Polanski, an Academy award winning director was arrested in Switzerland with a 31 year old warrant.  The warrant was issued by U.S. authorities in 1978 for drugging and rapping a 13-yr old girl.

The victim’s name is Samantha Geimer.  She was at a photo shoot for Jack Nicholson when the incident occurred.  At the photo shoot, Polanski gave the then 13 year old Geimer champagne and a shaving of a Quaalude tablet. (Quaalude is  another name for Methaqualone which is a sedative drug used in the 60’s and 70’s as a hypnotic or  treatment for insomnia.)  He then performed sexual acts with the minor.

According to prosecutors have been arguing that  it would be a slap in the face of justice to let a man who rapped and drugged a minor remain free.

I fully agree.  There should be some type of consequence for his crimes. Roman Polanski wasn’t charged with a mis-demeanor,  he was charged with a serious crime, which he plead guilty to.  Over the years there has been repeated attempts to settle the case, but Roman, refused to return to the United States.

According to court documents the prosecutor, Polanski and his attorney might have worked out a deal that would have spared Roman from doing jail time.  The deal also would have let the minor avoid a public trail.

The judge had other ideas. (The original judge is now dead)  Instead the judge decided to  send Polanski to a Maximum-Security prison for 42 days  for psychological testing and evaluation.  Then on the day before the sentencing the judge told Polanski’s attorney he was going to send Roman back for another 48 days.  As we know Roman never went back, he left the United States instead.

Samantha Geimer (victim) filed court documents in January of this year, requesting that the case be tossed out.  Mrs. Geimer did sue Roman  and receive an undisclosed settlement.  She said “I’m not 13 years old anymore, and have dealt with the difficulties of being a victim.”

Samantha further stated that “Every time this case is brought to the attention of the court, great focus is made of me, my family, my mother and others.  That attention is not pleasant to experience….” Read original story @

So my question to you is this?  If Roman is extradited back to the United States, should he have to do his time?

FYI*****For those of you who think that a warrant has an expiration date, your wrong.  Thats just a myth!

I don’t think Mr. Polanski should be exempt from the law.  He should be held responsible for his actions.  The crime was committed in America and he should receive punishment for it.    What type of punishment is another issue.

If I had to decide his punishment, I would consider his age.  But that would be it as far as being lenient.  Roman had a responsibility and didn’t own up to it.  Roman’s age doesn’t give him a “get out of jail” free card.  Anybody else would have to answer to their crimes as should Roman.

Understandably, Samantha wants the case tossed out.  No one wants to be under the scrutiny of the media or public eye.  On a larger scale, the case should be made public again to remind people, and other offenders, that you can’t run away from the law, and causing injury or risk to minors will not be tolerated.

There is no point in giving Mr. Polanski life, but he should be held accountable.  Not only for breaking the law, but also deliberately fleeing the law.get out of jail card


Bully on the Bus and no Bus driver

Wheres Waldo, Wheres the Bus driver

Wheres Waldo, Wheres the Bus driver

Fox news reported this incident on their website.Fox news

Parents what are you going to do about your children?

This is ridiculous.  Sadly enough, I’m not surprised.  The youth today is so out of hand.  Parents are letting television and networking sites raise the kids of today.  The youth of today has no respect for others or themselves and it’s sad.

If i was the parent of the bully, I would first whip the kids ass. Point blank.  Call it what you want to.  Then i would attack the Bus company for having the wrong “so called” protocol.  I can’t believe that the bus driver didn’t do anything.

To add salt to the wound, the Bus company says the bus driver did the right thing.  How can that be?  When children get on the school but after being dismissed from school, aren’t the kids the responsibility of the Bus Drivers until they get dropped off?  If not, then who?

To the parents of the boy that was assaulted, I hope he recovers from this incident soon.  My opinion is that you should take action against the Bus Company and make sure the school enforces the punishment for the assailant or assailants.