Russell Simmons Blasts-off on Blog

"My kids are off limits" Russell Simmoms

"My kids are off limits" Russell Simmoms


Russell Simmons, a name known worldwide recently BLASTED off on his blog.  His blog is at Global Grind. A site that I subscribe to, and have so for sometime.  —–SideBar—— If your into the Music scene, especially Hip Hop, join this site if you haven’t already.  Confrim what you heard there.  Believe me!!!! Shout out to Mr.Simmons and the Global Grind staff.  Awesome Website!!!!!

As i was saying. 🙂

Mr. Simmons put  the NY Post on Blast.  And good to, because it was about time someone did. On 9/16 Raakhee Mirchandani of the New York post wrote an article that was suppose to be about Baby Phat.

—SIDEBAR FOR REAL….. At first i was just going to comment on the statement about Mr. Simmons…. But after reading the article, Im putting the whole damn thing on blast…..


So this Raa. Mirchandani ends his article about “Clothing” with this: “her three babies and her daughter’s rushing to kiss Simmons’ baby daddy (baby daddy, are you kidding me)  Djimon Hounsou first, even before real daddy Russell Simmons. Ouch.”  See original article


I don’t blame Mr. Simmons for “slightly” speaking his mind. (Truthly, the blog was surger coated and polite) There was no reason what so ever for Mr. Raa Whateva to add this comment to his article.  Who is he to make any type of assumption about the actions of children he doesn’t know.  “Ouch” What’s the ouch about.  What type of life does he live that he would pull some crap like that out his a**.

You don’t mess with peoples kids.  Thats a common known fact.  Even in the animal kingdom. Shoot, you should have to know that to get a visa.  Not a joke!!!!!

In Mr. Simmons’ blog he also says “Dijimon is a great father and step-father for my kids.  And I try to be a good father that’s the reality.  The NY Post tried to take an arrow to my heart and hit me where any father would feel the most pain”…….See original article @ GlobalGrind

Just me and my baby girls :)

Just me and my baby girls 🙂

Now back to  Mr. Raa.

KANYE WEST’S GIRLFRIEND’S NAME IS AMBER ROSE.  Not Semi-bald girlfriend.   Where did you learn to speak, or manners for that matter.  Did you read “how to be polite for dummies”, you have a problem with Nouns?

So what Amber didn’t want to pose for any photos (According to Mr. Raa)  So What!  Get over it!

As much as I want to go Vivica Fox on you, I won’t.  Just out of respect for Mr. Simmons. He is a man of peace.

So, I’m going to breath easy.

You go Baby Phat!!!!!


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