How do you catch on fire during surgery. This isn’t a riddle either

This is not a special effect

This is not a special effect

Fox news reported that an attorney has been retained by the family of  a 65 year old woman who was accidentally set ablaze during surgery. See original article.

Janice McCall had surgery September 2nd and died 6 days later.  What type of surgery she was having is currently unknown to the press due to Patient Confidentiality Laws.

We here about accidents like this too often.  We go the hospital for help, not to have our last rights read to us.

Yes, a doctor practices medicine.  But at the same time, to become a doctor you have to go through school.  There for, they are suppose to have some type of clue what they are doing.

Doctors should be celebrities because they save lives. But with some many malpractice law suites, and accidental death records surfacing year after year, who do you turn to when you need medical attention?

More and more people are choosing alternative medicine over prescribed medication.

What are people to do.  Do you let the aliment kill you, go to a doctor and risk injury, mis-diagnois,  or possible surgery malfunctions?  Do you take and chance and use alternative medicine?

This is a debate that i think is leaning more and more toward Alternative medicine.

On another note, who is to blame for the “mistakes”?  Do we blame the doctors, because they are still practicing medicine? What about the hospitals, they employ the doctors and screen them using their system.  There standards and qualifications!

Prime example of a Doctor and his questionable practices is Dr. Conrad Murray.

Ill do what ever you pay me to do.

I'll do what ever you pay me to do.

The L.A. District Attorney’s office sought a Grand Jury to indict Dr. Murray.  Dr. Murry has been accused of Michael Jackson death.

See original article

When you are a doctor, do you do what your patient wants, or what is best for them?  Or do you just do you job?


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