Yes, I know i was wrong and I’m sorry

Damn, I F***ed up this time for real

Damn, I F***ed up this time for real

Like so many others I watched the VMAs on Sunday.  And yes my mouth dropped when Mr. Ye took the mic away from Taylor Swift to express his opinion.

Big ups to Beyonce for being a professional,classy, and have basic moral respect for people.  You go girl!!

Kanye was wrong in on so many levels.  I was so pissed off at him Sunday night. I wanted throw dirt all over his name a reputation.  Fortunately Kanye has a conscience and apologized on the Leno night show.

Which I believed.  He made a mistake, and this time I believe his apology is sincere. Yes he has done this in the past. But i don’t think he realized how horrible it made him look.

Like i said he made a mistake. A mistake which is defined as error (Wikipedia)  Something we are all guilty of doing.

—-Reader’s I’m not going to let him off that easily———

A real man, would have apologized as soon as he knew he was wrong.  A real man, can and will swallow his pride when he is in the wrong.  During the interview, Leno asked Kanye when did he realize what he did was wrong?  Kanye says, as soon as i gave her the mic and she didn’t say anything.  Well, why didn’t you say sorry then.  What was the problem with swallowing your pride when MTV asked to you apologize.

Kanye said he was going to get some help.  I really hope he does.  It has been apparent for a long time that Kanye has a problem expressing emotions.  Regardless if his feelings are justified or not.  I question some of the people you keeps around him.  Why hasn’t anyone from his camp, team, entourage, the people closest to him, help him get help.

How many people have called Kanye crazy?  How many times have you called him crazy?

What I don’t agree with are the responses and comments being made about Kanye as a person.  WTF.  Somebody please explain to me why he is being called names, remarks being made about his mother and upbringing.  You people aka haters have some nerve.  He did not call Taylor any type of name or did he wish anything bad on her.  But you haters are doing so and all the above.

I even heard some crap said about his career being over.  Are you F***en crazy.  Be serious.  Regardless of his “Public Personality” he is a talented man.  Way more talented then KELLY CLARKSON AND PINK. ( I am a fan of both) And who in the hell is Perz Hilton. Mr. Instead of going to the Police Station when he was “Attachek” he blogged about it.  FYI Perz, your not fooling everyone.  You are sorry and people know it!!!!

PINK, I have always been a fan of yours, since your first album. ut you need to close your “sideways” mouth. Miss, I have a problem with women artist who are almost or all nude in video’s, but I can do it because………(I’ll wait for Pink to fill in the blank)

BELIEVE IN 2ND. CHANCES, ITS THE 3RD. 4TH. 5TH. AND 6TH. THAT YOU SHOULD QUESTION                                                                                                                                                                                      Smd0213


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