Did he just let the cat out of the bag?

Yeah, I said it. 'Based on Racism'

Yeah, I said it. 'Based on Racism'

Al Sharpton didn’t say it, Jessie Jackson didn’t say it, but Former President  J.Carter did.

Yesterday former president Jimmy Carter said that Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst during President Obama’s speech was “based on racism”  Mr. Carter made this remark to an audience at the presidential center in ATL Georgia. See original article

Former president J. Carter also said, “Those kinds of thngs are not just casual outcomes of a sincere debate on whether we should have a national program on health care. It’s deeper than that”

Like I said the cat is out of the bag now.  The remarks made by Rep. Joe Wilson after the incident makes it easier to agree with the former president.

According to Rep. Joe Wilson, he apologized at the request of the White House and thats all that needed.

Well, Mr. Rep. Joe Wilson, its obvious that if the White House had not requested your apology you wouldn’t have given one. In other words, you had no intentions of righting your wrong, because as far as your concerned, you did nothing wrong.  You don’t want to apologize again, or correctly because you didn’t mean it then, and feel an apology isn’t necessary.

How do you like your celebrity status now?

Yes, Rep. Joe Wilson should give a formal acceptable apology.  He not only disrespected our President be he disrespected the citizens of the United State.  Rep. Joe Wilson  was put in his position by the people, and therefore owes an apology to the people who put him there.

We all have opinions and a right to disagree with one other.  But is the way we present ourselves and views that gives our opinion effect.

I personally don’t think that Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst was a mistake.  He expressed his true feeling about a lot with the one statement.  He knew what he was doing, what he didn’t expect was the outcome.  The outcome he was looking for was a parade in the streets, but instead he trashed his reputation.

As far as I”m concerned, he shouldn’t represent our nation in any way what so ever.


4 responses to “Did he just let the cat out of the bag?

  1. While I don’t agree with WHERE the comment was said, implying it was racially motivated is stupid. Where was all of the feigned outrage when the vast majority of the entire Democrat caucus booed President Bush during a REAL State of the Union.

    The speech given was nothing more than an advertisement for his Healthcare plan. Even the CBO, FactCheck, etc have stated that under the plan illegals would be covered. Why? They are covered already.

    Illegals use the ER as their family provider. By law, they cannot be refused treatment. When people are forced or goaded into apologizing for truly dissenting, the First Amendment is gone completely.

    Remember- UNIVERSAL. Everyone covered. That means if it is not in the bill to STOP them, they must, by default, be covered.

    • Thank you for your comment and your insight. I also want to think your for taking time to read my blog.
      Being booed is better then being called a liar.

      • Wilson may have been wrong to call Obama a liar while in the particular setting he was in, but it’s the TRUTH. Obama has lied over & over & over, blatantly and right through his teeth … in fact, his entire Presidency is a lie. He was absolutely and totally ill-equipped to be President. He got to where he is because, to begin with, he gamed the system and had every single opponent kicked off of the IL ballot due to technicalities AND by having some’s private documents made public (one opponent’s private divorce documents) – he knows NO shame. Obama had NO experience, an incredibly high number of relationships, friendships and dealings with CRIMINALS, RACISTS and Domestic TERRORISTS … his voting record was unadulteratedly PITIFUL w/ most being recorded as “Present” … Obama was the LEAST qualified, least experienced person on the entire ticket of either side to be President – and I don’t care WHAT color he is or the size of his feet or hat, etc. He got elected because such a VAST number of people in the country either voted DUE TO the amount of melanin which just happens to be visible in his skin (and remember, he IS half WHITE too, everyone FORGETS that – which I guess is understandable since Obama himself seems to be RACIST and to have problems with “typical whites”) … he got elected either because Blacks voted ONLY due to skin color and/or because such enormous numbers of people are no longer EDUCATED and have NO CLUE about HISTORY and the foundations upon which this country, a REPUBLIC, was built, NOR that SOCIALISM has NEVER been successful in the history of the world.
        I do NOT care ONE bit about OBAMA’S color, he is OFFENSIVE to me because he is a sham, he is DISHONEST and his POLICIES are BAD for this country and are the OPPOSITE of the things this country was founded on.
        EVERYone needs to get OVER the BLACK THING. Just get over it. He GOT ELECTED. He HAD 70% approval – now his numbers are going down and it’s not due to racism, it’s due to people seeing his inexperience and ridiculous leadership. “Racism” is NOT the reason people object. And, ANYONE can LIE, no matter what shade they happen to be and it’s NOT racist to say it. The same and worse was done to Bush. An @$$ is an @$$.
        And, by the way, JIMMY CARTER is insane. My husband is from Americus, GA which is only a few miles from Plains, GA and he worked every summer on Jimmy Carter’s peanut farm … Jimmy Carter called black workers “NIGGER” and “Boy.” THAT is the reason Carter thinks everyone else views other human beings through the lens of RACISM, b/c HE was/is racist. Also, Jimmy Carter was the WORST President in the history of the world, he is a racist and anti-semite, he destroyed our only relationship and ally in the Middle East, he destroyed the economy (and I lived through gas rationing and sky-high unemployment rates and interest rates in the 20s …) Jimmy Carter is a laughingstock and ANYONE who IS educated, knows this.
        It’s a mistake for anyone of color to reference Carter as ANY sort of SUPPORT for wanting to label Joe Wilson as a “racist” for calling a liar, “a liar.”
        Just keepin’ it real and educating you.
        Friends, though I wholeheartedly and 100% absolutely disagree with this one!

      • I forgot to mention OBAMA’s relationship to ACORN too. He was far more intimately involved with them than he has let on. He helped train ACORN workers and while working for them, actually sued CITICORP re: CRA loans (Community Reinvestment Act), forcing the bank, and banks, to make BAD loans to people who could NOT repay them, which is in huge part to blame for the overall financial crisis in which we presently find ourselves. And much of that also stems from the DEMOCRATIC PARTY who lifted the Glass-Steagall Act under Clinton (but which, I believe, originated with the big dumb-bell Carter) and then who opposed The PECORA INVESTIGATION … The Democratic Party time and again, proves itself unfit, unwise and operates basically to keep itself in power and minorities in a “Plantation” frame of mind – – forever dependent upon the STATE for their sustenance.

        Go read the blog of this WISE, WISE, WISE woman: http://conservativeblkwoman.blogspot.com/2009/09/black-america-is-in-dire-need-of.html

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