Bully on the Bus and no Bus driver

Wheres Waldo, Wheres the Bus driver

Wheres Waldo, Wheres the Bus driver

Fox news reported this incident on their website.Fox news

Parents what are you going to do about your children?

This is ridiculous.  Sadly enough, I’m not surprised.  The youth today is so out of hand.  Parents are letting television and networking sites raise the kids of today.  The youth of today has no respect for others or themselves and it’s sad.

If i was the parent of the bully, I would first whip the kids ass. Point blank.  Call it what you want to.  Then i would attack the Bus company for having the wrong “so called” protocol.  I can’t believe that the bus driver didn’t do anything.

To add salt to the wound, the Bus company says the bus driver did the right thing.  How can that be?  When children get on the school but after being dismissed from school, aren’t the kids the responsibility of the Bus Drivers until they get dropped off?  If not, then who?

To the parents of the boy that was assaulted, I hope he recovers from this incident soon.  My opinion is that you should take action against the Bus Company and make sure the school enforces the punishment for the assailant or assailants.


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